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Become a Mentor

A mentor is a person who leaves a legacy behind in the form of people who have benefited from the mentor's life experiences.

                 Source: Unknown.

Each one of us has a life that is a unique tapestry. Within the threads of that tapestry are life experiences waiting to be shared.


All you need is a genuine interest in sharing your life experience and expertise in a Mentor/Mentee relationship. There are many qualities and skills that good mentors share. 


  • Listen: Can you offer an ear, and not necessarily advice?

  • Are Accessible: Does your schedule permit a mentoring relationship?

  • Share: Are you willing to share your knowledge, expertise, skills, and time?

  • Motivate: Can you motivate the Mentee to reach their full potential?

  • Provide Insight: Can you use your personal experience to help your Mentee avoid mistakes and learn from good decisions?

  • Guide: Can you guide the Mentee to determine his/her right course of action; not preach or dictate?

  • Provide a Positive Influence: Do you project a positive, upbeat image? Are you a positive role model?

  • Are Honest and Open: Can you offer your thoughts and constructive feedback honestly and openly?

  • Provide a Fresh Perspective: Can you help your Mentee see a situation with fresh eyes?

  • Offer Advice: Can you offer advice – only if asked? Your Mentee may want a sounding board to help him/her work out issues and come to their own conclusion.

  • Are Cheerleaders: Can you offer support and encouragement?

If this sounds like you then we would love to have you! 

LEAF is looking for mentors from a variety of backgrounds with different life experiences to mentor our girls.


If you are interested, please complete the following quick questionnaire and we will follow-up with training information and upcoming mentoring opportunities.

Become a Mentor
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