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Tara Boddie, Founder & CEO
Legacy Education & Arts Foundation (L.E.A.F.)

Dear Friends and Supporters,

The Legacy Education and Arts Foundation of Orlando is an organization committed to fulfilling the mission of Christ to reaching the lost and meet the needs of the community. In collaboration with community stakeholders, we are preparing and equipping individuals and families for social and economic positioning through personal development, academics, fine arts, and financial literacy. 

Solidly grounded in our Christian faith-based mission and vision, we are humbled to initiate, collaborate and participate in meaningful efforts to enhance the quality of life for the poor and vulnerable. We strive to be innovative and strategic in strengthening these individuals and families through community-based workshops, seminars, educational institutions, and mentoring programs.  

So, how do we fuel this journey? With patience and perseverance and through our partnerships with individuals and organizations who share our mission, passion and determination to make meaningful, systemic change. We believe that we are the catalyst for change in our community and we must use the resources we are blessed with to serve others.  

We are proud of the nonprofit organizations — and the people within them — with which we work, who are our partners in making great things happen. Our journey has begun and is a work in progress, and we are committed for the long run.

As always, we believe this work brings hope and promise to those we serve.

Tara Boddie


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